The Shadows Our Loved Ones See

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The shadows we cast today fall long into our loved ones' futures.

So let’s be mindful of the examples we’re setting and proud of what we’re role modeling for them.

The Secret

My family saw right through the ghost I'd become.

After 15+ years climbing the corporate ladder, I was a faded photocopy of my true self. The shadow I cast at home grew darker each year.

Sure, on paper I was “successful” — fancy title, big salary, nice stuff. But what had I really achieved?

My loved ones saw right through my hollow facade. My kids saw a distracted stranger instead of a fully present father.

In my hustle for career success, I neglected what really mattered most. I told myself my frequent travel and long hours were necessary. That I could “compartmentalize” work and home.

I assured myself my marriage was solid, my kids were fine. But deep down, I knew the truth.

My family felt my absence, physically and emotionally. They sensed the toll my ambitions had taken. The shadow I cast loomed large.

Our loved ones see straight through us, no matter how hard we try to hide our pain. Energy always speaks louder than words.

I told my family they were everything to me. But my actions told a different story.

I wasn't being the role model I wanted to be — for my kids or anyone else who looked to me as an example.

I didn't model a life of meaning, purpose, and balance. Instead, my example showed them the rat race for achievements defined by society, not my soul.

As meaning-making machines, we subconsciously encode lessons from our environment. Long term, I knew my behaviors would shape my loved ones' futures. My priorities were planted in their minds, casting shadows into their tomorrows.

I realized if I stayed this course, I'd regret it forever. So I reinvented my career to realign with my values.

I started by downshifting corporate life — to buy back critical space in my life. This changed everything.

With help from mentors, I then created an online transformational business where I could be fully present at home and live with purpose.

Because most of all, I want the people I care about to see me thriving, not just surviving.

I want to light the way so they know everything is possible if they trust their hearts.

I strive to model a life of courage. To live boldly and break generational patterns.

Be the role model you wish you had — a shining light for their path.

Because we become what we observe.

The time is now to embody the change we wish to see in our worlds.

Show your loved ones they're your priority through your presence.

Inspire them. Spark something powerful within them! Realign your actions with your values before it's too late.

Choose purpose over societal measures of success.

Be the shining light you wish you had.

Your loved ones are watching.

PS - Inspire your family to new heights.



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That’s it for today, my friend! I appreciate you.


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