Resumes to Riches: Turning Cages into Keys

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Your resume: a cage or a key?

Today's secret provides a counterintuitive mindset shift that allowed me (and dozens of others) to finally view a resume as a bridge to a life of freedom, impact, and fulfillment.

The Secret

Does your resume open doors? Or put you in a cage?

The Resume Cage is real.

I let roles, skills, and acronyms entrap me for years. This constrained me to narrow career paths with limited life vision.

Fortunately, my mentors helped me build an entrepreneurial path. But now, as a coach, I constantly see the Resume Cage.

Like Sandra, a 45-year-old consulting director feeling stuck on one path for over 20 years.

Or Steven, a 53-year-old sales SVP longing to feel alive and purposeful again.

They both let their resumes dictate what was possible for them.

And both had tried entrepreneurship with no progress.

Sandra fell into the Corporate Replication Trap: "Just more stress, without the safety net!”

Steven was caught in the Passive Income Trap: "Real estate drained me."

Corporate already drains you. So new ventures must energize, not exhaust.

"I'm afraid of wasting time," Steven admitted. "But more of wasting life."

They craved freedom and impact. But the entrepreneurial “stove” was hot, so they scurried back to their cages.

Together, we reframed it: the real risk is squandering your one life imprisoned by the past.

Our solution?

Monetize your genius.

Let's break this down.

How to Monetize Your Genius

First, put corporate on autopilot.

Then 3 key steps:

1) Identify and package your genius. Your talents, interests and triumphs — bottle that magic.

2) Craft a “1 of 1” personal category. What unique and compelling future can you create for people you care about?

3) Build an Online Transformational Business. A model offering location freedom while unlocking premium pricing and value delivery. It’s your corporate offramp and lifestyle liberator.

Within weeks, Sandra and Steven gained absolute clarity and momentum. We worked across all five areas of the Uncaged Entrepreneurship Framework:

  • Ideation
  • Positioning
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Delivery

With their employer as their investor, they aggressively built purpose-driven businesses in tandem with their day jobs. Entrepreneurial freedom became real. No longer chained to rigid resumes.

With the right structure, community, and accountability, they achieved in weeks what had eluded them for years.

We compressed decades into days.

Now, over to you. Two options:

  1. Let your past (resume) dictate your future
  2. Boldly bet on your genius

Which will you choose?

PS - Ready to finally bet on your genius? Book a Breakthrough Session to uncover what’s possible for you.



121: The Shadows Our Loved Ones See

Our shadows last a lifetime for our kids and loved ones.

Nonstop career hustling puts food on the table, but it doesn't instill values we're proud of.

It's time we walk our talk and embody our true values so they grow up with healthy behaviors.

Remember, they're always watching.

That’s it for today, my friend! I appreciate you.


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