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Finally, the ONE thing that UNCAGED me

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Today, I’m sharing the vehicle that was missing in my life — the one that changed me and my family forever.

I hope this helps.

PS - Uncaged 2.0 is launching this month

The Secret

Books became a spark after my divorce at age 30.

Before that, I only read because school forced me to. But this essay isn’t about reading more.

Yes, books catalyzed ideas and hope. But they are just sparks. Alone, they can't create massive transformation.

But they pointed toward the ultimate vehicle:


(FYI, I’d never met an entrepreneur prior.)

For a moment, set aside any preconceived notions.

Yes, entrepreneurship includes making money and serving others.

But it’s the ultimate vehicle for:

  • Discovering your purpose
  • Solving meaningful problems
  • Creating an extraordinary life

After 7 years on this journey, I can confidently say entrepreneurship is the most BRUTAL and effective form of self-development.

We need “brutal” to wake us up. Like a cancer scare, it shocks you and puts life in perspective.

There are two entrepreneurial aims:

  1. Cash: A money-making vehicle
  2. Passion: Activates your higher self (while making money)

I chose passion. For those in corporate hell, I urge you to as well. “Cash” will only expand the inner void.

Here's what entrepreneurship has done for me:

  • Family: Closer with my wife and 4 kids. Making memories.
  • Faith: A spiritual journey that transformed my approach to life.
  • Finances: 7-figure income trajectory for 2024. Lifestyle and impact.
  • Fitness: Lean and strong like high school athlete days.
  • Friends: Profoundly deep peer relationships.
  • Fun: Daily joy and reading. First-class vacations.
  • Future: An infinite game I'll play for life. Beautiful work-life harmony.

Don’t get me wrong: it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.

I faced crippling bouts of scarcity and self-doubt. But my coaches and mentors helped me through.

Now I have this raging fire inside. This passion led me to perform massive (previously unplanned) upgrades to my coaching programs. I documented it for you: Building Uncaged 2.0.

Do you feel the emotion in my words?!? You can feel this way, too.

If you feel capped and trapped, don't wait for conditions to improve...or just consume more information.

Try entrepreneurship the SMART way — without risking everything.

Leverage your gifts to help your people.

Create a brand new life.

PS - Start your journey here.



113: Building Uncaged 2.0

I’ve grown more in the last 2 years than in the previous 20.

This includes:

  • The growing pains of starting a business
  • Constant experimentation to be of service
  • Investing in my own growth at profound levels

From a personal and professional viewpoint, I now have crystal clarity on my purpose and transformational value for others.

And with that, I’m bursting at the seams with insights and strategies I’m ready to share with you.

That’s what I’m bubbling over with excitement as I prepare for the imminent launch of Uncaged 2.0.

This means I’m rolling out massive upgrades to my two coaching programs that are actively transforming dozens of lives at any moment.

If you’re ready to “graduate” corporate, listen closely.

That’s it for today, my friend! I appreciate you.


Uncaged Secrets

by Matt Doan

Battle-tested strategies for escaping the Corporate Cage and using your superpowers to build entrepreneurial freedom (career & life). Leveraging 15 years in strategy consulting to build a 7-figure lifestyle business and give my family the life they deserve.

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