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End paralysis, start building

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Thanksgiving week. Yes, breathe and be grateful. (I’m thankful for you!)

But…it’s also the start of “separation season” for those bold enough to get in the game and build.

You won’t find a better window of opportunity.

The Secret

I get it. You've reached a point where you feel unfulfilled in your corporate career.

You crave meaning, impact, and entrepreneurial freedom.

You know in your heart that you're meant for something bigger. That you have untapped talents and dreams inside, just waiting to be unleashed like a caged lion.

But you're stuck on the starting line, paralyzed by overanalysis.

“Me? An entrepreneur? I have no clue where to start.”

Or maybe you’ve started, and you’re consumed by self-doubt.

Your analytical corporate brain served you well in the past, but now it's paralyzing you. Seeking the long-term answer.

Trying to pick the ONE right thing, when in fact, you just need to get started. It will change over time. But you need to get in the game first.

You're trapped in a maze of hypotheticals, worst-case scenarios, and the elusive search for passion.

I've been there too. I remember staying up late, making endless pro/con lists trying to find the "perfect" business idea. I thought I just needed to feel 100% sure and confident before making a move.

Turns out, that moment never came. And it never will. Certainty is a myth. The perfect moment is a lie.

As Cal Newport says, “Don't follow passion, cultivate it.”

We build passion through purposeful action, not the other way around.

Here's what you need to get moving toward entrepreneurial freedom:

  1. Zone of Genius: A clear understanding of your unique ability and interests. What lights you up? Who do you love serving?
  2. One A→B transformation: What journey do you want to guide people through? From what hell to what heaven? Confusion to clarity. Here to there.
  3. Emotional connection: Logic alone won't sustain you. What makes your heart swell? How is it tied to your broader “why” for being an entrepreneur?

With just this initial spark, you can start cultivating momentum.

The point of the game is to keep playing the game.

So, we need to break the paralysis.

Here’s how you start building:

  • Create content about your transformation. You can’t hide anymore. Put your ideas out there boldly. Ship consistently. This will clarify your thinking and embolden you.
  • Have conversations with real people. Don't ask them, "Is this a good idea?". Instead say, "This is what I'm doing. Who do you know that needs this? How can I sharpen the message?"
  • Make tiny offers. You can monetize as soon as today. Trust your gut, like offering a 4-session coaching package to help the person achieve X. Paid or unpaid. Use it to craft your framework and get valuable feedback.
  • Each day, take one concrete step forward. Send 5 DMs on LinkedIn (warm or cold). Set up 1 meeting. Ship 1 post. Tiny gains compound!

Dan Sullivan said it best: commitment leads to courage, which leads to capability, which finally leads to confidence.

See that?

Confidence (the thing you’re waiting for) is actually the byproduct of all this action.

It starts by committing.

Unlike your corporate career, where you felt pressured to choose the “right” 30-year path, that’s not the case here.

In fact, EXPECT to pivot…fast. I’m talking 1 or 2 months from now. THAT fast. But this all requires fast, messy action — out there.

So commit now. Take daily action.

Separate from the crowded sidelines. Get on the field.

Don't wait to feel ready.

You'll gain clarity, confidence, (and even) passion through motion. Just get out there and serve others from the heart.

I believe in you. Now believe in yourself.

Here for you,


PS - Need help? Book a slot.



104: Design Your Personal Category: Don’t craft a personal brand. Don’t “find your niche.”

Instead, design your personal category (hint: this is a psychology game).f

This is the place where you build your future. It’s where you build a “1 of 1” business where you’re authentic and bold.

Here, you offer a unique transformation for those you aim to serve. In turn, you unlock massive freedom, income, and impact.

That’s it for today, my friend! I appreciate you.


Uncaged Secrets

by Matt Doan

Battle-tested strategies for escaping the Corporate Cage and using your superpowers to build entrepreneurial freedom (career & life). Leveraging 15 years in strategy consulting to build a 7-figure lifestyle business and give my family the life they deserve.

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