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Cultivating Your Anti-Work Skill

Published 8 months ago • 2 min read

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For years, you’ve been building “in-demand” skills.

But that’s led you astray.

Let’s build a superior skill instead. Enjoy.

The Secret

Our programming starts early.

And it’s all centered on the necessity to work.




So, knowing no alternative, we strive to become “work” machines.

(Reinforced by societal whisperings of “become a machine or be replaced by one.”)

Out-working others is how you:

  • Get financial security
  • Climb the ladder
  • Get “ahead”


Our machine-like nature attempts to say “yes” to all the emails, meetings, and projects.

Our minds fear what’ll happen if we say “no.”

So, every day is an attempt to keep up.

But what’s the reward for “keeping up” and succeeding?

Falling behind...and more work.

No doubt, hard work is necessary in moments and seasons.

This is how we “level up” and access new opportunities.

But long-term work obsession does not lead to prosperity.

Instead, it leads to:

  • Unhappiness
  • Mediocrity
  • Regret

Treating symptoms instead of the root cause

Years go by, and we finally look up, asking, “What the f*ck am I doing?”

It’s an existential moment for many (I see it up close every week).

Most people go into solution mode:

“I need to switch companies.”

“I need to take more vacations.”

“I need to start a real estate portfolio.”

No, no, no.

Those are all just diversions.

You’re avoiding the root issue: you’re afraid that if you stop working hard like everyone else, “bad” things will happen.


Fear is what’s causing the shitty effects in your life.

Keeping you hostage to work types and styles that you hate.

So, how do we break free?

You need a new skill that no school or employer will ever teach.

I’m talking about your anti-work skill.


Anti-work means cultivating the bravery to decline the “normal” onslaught of potential work that attacks your screen, desk, and mind daily.

We do this to create space (time, energy, and mental/emotional).

Space is the place where miracles happen.

You’ve got 100 new requests each day, but what are the 2-3 essential items?

You’re not “quiet quitting” or pulling a fast one on your employer.

You’re just finally giving yourself permission to be in control.

…to choose your work

…to protect your time

…to do what matters

Practically speaking, anti-work looks like this:

  • Everyone else continues on in robot mode
  • Instead, you choose to be human and assert your agency
  • You carefully say “yes” to only a few essential items
  • You resist the urge to cave to false “pressures“
  • You value your precious attention, and become hard to access
  • In return, you permanently regain space in your life
  • And with this space, you can breathe, be, and build a new chapter for yourself (e.g., be present with family, start your own business)

Anti-work is a skill unto itself — possibly the most valuable one you can develop right now.

It requires daily mental programming and continual re-commitment.

That’s how you overcome the fear.

That’s how we create space.

And it’s how you be your future self…now.

PS - Here's how I did it. You can too.


Clarify your “happiness” means.


Activating Mindful FIRE: Adam Coelho (host of the Mindful FIRE podcast) joins me to discuss the unique intersection of mindfulness and financial independence. We discuss how to make work optional and accelerate the manifestation of a life we love. Enjoy!

That’s it for today, my friend! I appreciate you.


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